General service calls:

$55 minimum, $55 per hour, billed by the half hour.

This is for general carpentry and most service needs. We may, at our discretion, charge less than the minimum for very simple or quick jobs.

We charge hourly and do not offer bids for extended jobs.


Plumbing and electrical

$75 minimum, $75 per hour.

This is only if we have to open up any piping or wiring. If it’s something like tightening a leaky pipe, then standard service call rates apply.




Cosmetic work

$55 per hour for paint and stain work, drywall repairs, and refinishing



Outdoor work & spa service

$45 per hour for general yard work and spa chemistry check/balance.

$65 per truckload (one square yard, standard truck bed) for dump runs, plus any dump fees charged by Sierra Disposal.